Amir Pourkhalaji 1983 - Tehran

He started learning music since childhood by playing Violin. Following his graduation from conservatory, he entered the University of Music high education program and graduated in 2006 in the bachelor's program of Viola playing. Then he completed his studies in the master's degree program of Composition at Art University of Tehran in July 2009.

He has cooperated with several orchestras, both inside and outside Iran, as player and composer, while being the orchestra's conductor of some of the same.

In composing his works, he always considers Persian modes and oriental rhythms and historical, folkloric and local culture issues and takes benefit from such themes in his works.

He has won numerous awards for his works in music and film festivals.


• Master of arts "MA" in music composition, Tehran University of Art (2009)

• Bachelor of arts "BA" in Viola playing, Tehran Conservatory of Music (2007)

• Upper Diploma in Violin playing, Tehran Conservatory of Music (2003)

• Diploma in the field of Iranian music, Tehran Conservatory of Music (2000)

Work Experience

• Founder and Manager of "Melal Music School" (2012 - present)
• Collaboration with several orchestras (as Composer and Conductor) such as Prague Symphony Orchestra, Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Tehran Symphony Orchestra (2009 - present)
• Guest conductor, Prague Symphony Orchestra (Czech Republic - October 2016)
• University guest lecturer (Film Scoring), Tehran University of Art, Faculty of Cinema and Theater (2016)
• Ballet “Arash the Archer” Tirgan festival, Toronto, Canada (August 2015)
• University lecturer (Harmony, Composition, Viola, Ensemble), Tehran University of Art, Faculty of Music (2010 - 2014)
• Supervision of several projects and Master thesis, Tehran University of Art, Faculty of Music (2010 - 2014)
• Referee of “MA” and “BA” thesis and projects in Tehran University of Art, Faculty of Music (2010 - 2014)
• Violin and Viola teacher, Tehran Conservatory of Music (2010 - 2011)
Guest conductor, Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra (Bulgaria - July 2011)
• Principal Viola, Tehran Symphony Orchestra (2008)


Winner of Barbad Award for Best composer in the Contemporary Orchestral  Music category (Iran - 2021)

Winner of the award for best original score “One person” (Nahal International Short Film Festival - 2019)

• Award of recognition for best original music score animation short film by “Light Sight” (FICOCC _ Five continents international film festival, Venezuela-2017)

• Winner of the award for best original score “Light Sight”
(Nahal International Short Film Festival - 2016)

• Nomination for best score “Light Sight”
(Southampton International Film Festival, England - 2016)

• Winner of the award for best original score “Light Sight”
(18th Iran Cinema Celebration - 2016)

Nomination for Barbad Award for Best Classical Music Album of the Year (Iran - 2016)

• Best music composer award in 25th International Fajr Music Festival (Iran - 2009) 

• Ferdowsi (Persian poet) Millennium Special Award (Iran - 2009)

• "Top student" Master of arts "MA" in music composition - Tehran University of Art (2009)

• 2nd rank in the field of music composition, in the Iranian universities nation-wide master's degree program entrance examinations (2007)

• Member of Fajr Music Festival nominated group as Violin player (Iran - 2003)

• Winner of music group award in theater festival for “Chain & Wing” play (Iran - 1999)

List of Works

• Music score for “Stain” 2022 Short film/Animation directed by Shiva Sadegh Asadi

• Music score for “The Crab” 2019 Short film/Animation directed by Shiva Sadegh Asadi

• Music score for “One Person” 2018 Short film/Animation directed by Mahboobeh Kalaee

• Music score for “Maned & Macho” 2017 Short film/Animation

• Music score for “Light Sight” 2016 Drama/Short film (35 wins and 18 nominations)

• “Arash the Archer” Suite for Symphony Orchestra, performed and recorded by Ukraine National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Sirenko at Kyiv House of Voice (winner of the first rank award of 25th International Fajr Music Festival, and Ferdowsi Millennium Special Award) 
• “Creation” for symphony orchestra Based on Shahnameh (Epic of Kings) of Ferdowsi, played and recorded by Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Amir Pourkhalaji
• Concert with Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra and conducting “Twelve Faces Battle”, as well as the Piano Concerto No. 2 of Rachmaninov with Emanuel Frenzili (piano soloist from Italy), Bulgaria concert (July 2011)
• "A music player who was playing the moon" music for theatre, based on the Russian medieval epic “Sadko" (2010)
Hafez Opera (playwright & director: Behrouz Gharibpour - 2012)
• Concerto for viola and orchestra (2012)
• Twelve Faces Battle for Symphony Orchestra recorded by Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra (2011)
• Fugue in D-minor
• Flute Quartet (Room of Flutes) in Iranian New Waves Album
• String Quartet No 1 & 2
• Pieces for Piano Solo